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For All Ages: Give ’em the Cold Shoulder

The term ‘cold shoulder’ doesn’t necessarily have the greatest track record. To ‘give someone the cold shoulder’ literally means to ignore them deliberately. Chances are you’ve had this happen to you, but the good news is… that was probably in middle school and we’ve all come a long way since the days of Lisa Frank folders and having MASH determine our future.



Pages and pages of trending blogs and magazine columns will pop up if you take a hot second and Google ‘cold shoulder trend’. No eighth grade drama anywhere to be found and according to Elle, Glamour and New York Fashion Week, exposed shoulders are the greatest trend of 2016.

cold shoulder box

Style Director and blogger Bobby Schuesslers’ post  ‘The #1 Trend That Looks Good On All Ages’ he writes ‘During a recent meeting with Sarah Rutson, VP of global buying at Net-a-Porter, Rutson confirmed that the cold-shoulder trend is incredibly flattering for all women because everyone’s shoulders look great. It’s so true—what a beautiful part of the body to show off.’

Whether you’re floating through your early 20’s, rocking your 40’s, or killin it in your 50’s and 60’s… your shoulders are one of your greatest attributes! Why wouldn’t you show them off?!

Whether you’d like to keep your outfit easy or dress it up for a date night out, there are a
dozen cold shoulder dresses to choose from at The Loft. An absolute favorite in my summer closet is without a doubt this soft and breezy cold shoulder dress [pictured below].


I can throw it on over a swim suit at the beach or pair it with my favorite wedges and a long necklace for a night out.

Not only are cold shoulder dresses a must have, but any cold shoulder top or blouse is also something you’ve gotta have this summer!

Each top is incredibly flattering and comfortable to pair with jeans, or even shorts for the warm days. This redefined trend of 2016 is something you have to be a part of. Shop our online cold shoulder collection here or visit us in store to see for yourself what a little cold shoulder can do.

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All Those Who Wander Need Basics

‘Tis the season for road-trips!

Your Insta feed has been blowing up recently with pics from all over the place. Friends visiting friends, family going on summer vaca and the occasional planned trip across the country… because ya know, why not?! Summer is in full swing, and your [trip] plans should be too.

Overhearing visitors in the boutique discuss their travel plans, a lot of us have a hard time knowing what to pack on our trips and exactly what to wear in the process of getting to where we’re going.

Many of my friends in their early twenties have caught the wanderlust bug.

The ‘now or never’ has kicked into gear and the spontaneous road trips to anywhere and everywhere have begun. I actually traveled to Charlotte, NC this past weekend for an event. I knew along the way we’d be making several shopping and sight seeing pit-stops, so I found myself standing in front of my closet pondering what to wear on our adventure. There’s no way I was going to sit in a car for 5+ hours in something even the slightest bit uncomfortable, but at the same time, it was 92 degrees outside, and I knew we’d be taking cute pictures and getting out at plenty of places. I realized yoga pants and flipflops just weren’t going to cut it.

The days of just throwing on the most comfortable thing you own are over, even road-trips with your best friends require a fair amount of ‘adulting’ now. From stopping to take that picture in front of the state line to checking in at the hotel you booked last minute, you have to be prepared for anything, and your outfit is the last thing you want to be concerned about when you’ve got places to be and sights to see.


shop basics

After careful consideration and personal experience, I’m quite certain there’s a formula for the perfect road-trip attire. It’s all about the basics! You can dress them up or down, and you can pack a dozen of the same basic in several different colors. An oversized basic tee with your favorite pair of jeans/leggings or even a basic t-shirt dress [a personal favorite] are ideal. Pair it with any easy strap on sandal and wha-la! Not only do you look cute and feel confident, but also you’re comfortable and ready for anything.

summer-loft-shoes-2shop shoes


summer-clothing-dresses-9shop tshirt dresses

Check out our New Arrivals to shop for the perfect road-tripping, waderlust bug, traveling for days attire.

Happy Travels!!

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The Leap: From Grad Parties to Walking Across Stage

hey girl

You made it.

Every all nighter.

The “group” presentations.

All those procrastinated papers.

The hundred exams you crammed for.

For every time you thought you weren’t going to live to see a decent grade.

The emotional late night talks with your roomies about that dumb guy.

All the times you thought of reconsidering your major [weekly].

Every tear shed over that accidentally deleted file.

All the naps between classes.

Those dining hall meals *cringe*.

You have been through it all. The past few years have brought you tears of absolute joy, frustration and even a little bit of sadness here and there. But it’s been well worth it. You’ve shared laughs, thoughts, your heart and a room with several of your closest friends. You’ve had more sleepless nights than not and probably considered dropping out more than once. But after some thought and reconsideration you quickly realize that you can keep calm [with a lot of prayer] carry on and you remind yourself [again] that anything worth having isn’t easily acquired. The time you’ve spent building relationships, learning the hard way and discovering who you are is coming to an end and you’re feeling all kinds of emotions [simultaneously]. The suspense has been building for about 18 years and you’re prepared to jump one of the biggest hurdles that has ever stood in your path. You quickly discovered at the beginning of the year that Senioritis is in fact a real thing and you are more than ready to move onto the next chapter of your life.

You have made a million decisions the past few years. What sweatpants to throw on before class, whether or not to wait until tomorrow to cram for that test, which organization to dedicate your time to, which friends are true and what to spend your last $5 on.

The next year is full of unknown… but also [thankfully] a ton of potential! Post-grad life is unique in the way that not many people prepare you for. Honestly, no one CAN prepare you for it, because quite frankly- nobody truly knows what to do. After spending your whole life being taught, seeking approval, and having the structural stability of some kind of educational system…  it’s slightly confusing figuring out and doing things completely on your own. It’s a time for exploration, genuine realization and the first experience you truly get to find your place in the world. The years you’ve spent in college ‘finding yourself’ have substantially built your character and there’s even a chance you think you know exactly who you are. Hey, kudos for being confident and wanting to take on life’s challenges with certainty! But the ‘real world’ has a way of mixing things up and the first challenge(s) you are going to face will seem more difficult and frustrating at first. The transition becomes smoother when you learn to be extremely open to the idea of change and decide to accept that nothing is ever for certain. It’s much easier being a [somewhat] fully functioning contribution to society once you embrace the mess and accept the idea that life is unpredictable and full of surprises.

All the time you’ve spent preparing for your future and making all kinds of important decisions has led up to this point in your life. Finals are over, most of your things are packed away, your walls are bare and that unflattering graduation gown is hanging. There’s just one more thing to decide before taking that leap and snagging that degree… a slight detail, but still meaningful nonetheless…What in the world are you going to wear?


Grad collage

Well, breathe easy almost-grad, your favorite Loft babes are here to help you out with this one 😊. We have dozens of new and affordable dresses in stock, there’s no doubt you’ll find the perfect one. Whether it’s for graduation day or the party your fam is throwing to celebrate your accomplishments, we’ve got your back. Come hang out with us in-store or check out our favorite dresses online. You [definitely] deserve to look your best after all the hard work you’ve done. We’re here to cheer you on and make your day that more special. Congratulations on reaching this milestone in your life and we’d love to be a part of getting you across that stage feeling like a million bucks. See you soon!

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A Few Easy Steps: Reworking Your Basic White Tee

Basic White T Style- Front


Basic White T Styles- Jean


Basic White T Styles-Floral


Basic White T Styles-Simple Detail



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SPOTLIGHT: Kelci & Brette Tell All!

Blog magazine post final

We stepped into the shoes of Kelci Jones and Brette Allen to get an inside look at the influences and must haves of the women behind the scenes at the Loft Boutique.

Sitting down with Kelci and Brette was a treat in it of itself, we started discussing a  question I had for each of them and we wound up exchanging our fave Instagram accounts… seriously some of them are #flawless.

What do you always splurge on?

B: Oh for sure shoes… you have to take care of your feet! It’s an investment of course. I’m freaking out about all the shoes that are coming in. We’re reordering 8-10 styles because they are seriously to die for!

K: Definitely handmade necklaces and jewelry! I do wear one piece outfits a lot now and wearing a great necklace or a lot of bracelets makes all the difference.

Nilunda Mule Heel


handmade jewelry

What’s your favorite trend from the past 50 years?

B: I love all these Coachella vibes, I’m a hippy at heart honestly! I love rompers and I’m kinda crazy and love all those bell bottom pants- bam bams. Southern Cali vibes right now. Gosh, I change so much now- there’s always something different I’m in love with.

K: Hmm, lets see… Oh! Pantone, blush color of the year… the color of the year. It’s in everything! Suede vests, leggings and pants- and it looks good on everyone. Definitely one of my favorite things.

Can you describe your personal style and its influences / inspirations?

B: Because I have a two year old,  simple is best! Basic with a statement necklace and great shoes. Nothing fussy at all. I used to really think my outfits through, but now I think “how did I have the time?! Having a child definitely makes you rethink your wardrobe!

K: Have you ever seen Little Miss Fearless blog? Super cute and girly, I cut my hair off last year because her hair was so cute! She’s great. Also, Oscar de la Renta- I love his work, its empowering to women and you just look at his clothing and see femininity.I love it.

basic jean


basic shirt


Rosette Boot


floral everything

Shop Brette and Kelci’s style online or in-store. Use promo code SPOTLIGHT15 to get 15% off your purchase!

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☼ Summer Vibes and Good Times ☼ Our Fave Adventure Spots


Suntans, windows down, road maps… these are a few of our favorite things! Every year around this time, just about everyone is itching to go on a fun get-away, and luckily for you, we have tons of ideas and the perfect outfits to go along with any adventure.

Whether you’re a local, born and raised, a college student or just stopping by on a visit with the fam– these North Georgia mountains have enough charm to keep you coming back for more.

Your favorite Loft Babes have come up with a fun list of places to visit, sight see and adventure to, plus we’ve got you covered with every look to go with it!



And naturally, no adventure is complete without the perfect playlist. Find our summertime playlist here

Click here to shop our New Arrivals pictured above!

Here’s a list of our favorite places to visit:

  1. Our Mountain Beach– Located on Lake Chatuge, Hiawassee’s best sun tan city spot includes a picnic area, designated swimming, white sand and the perfect spot to catch some rays.
  2. Brasstown Bald– The highest peak in Georgia and the perfect sight-seeing spot. With a 360 degree view for miles around this peak is a definite must see for anyone in the area.
  3. Crane Creek Vineyards– With the perfect homey feeling, Crane Creek is the perfect getaway to sit back, relax and enjoy the view.
  4. Helton Creek Falls– Into waterfalls? Helton Creek is the place to visit! An easy car ride through a cute quaint neighborhood and a short hike down to an overlook and your steps away from one of North Georgia’s beauties!
  5. Brasstown Valley Spa– Need a girls day? The Brasstown Equani Spa is the place to go, nestled within the majestic beauty of Brasstown Valley, the Equani Spa offers a true sanctuary from the stress of the urban life.


We’d love to to help you get to where you want to travel this season of adventure. Don’t be stressed about what to wear; we’ve [literally] got you covered ;). While you plan your trips and adventures, come into your favorite women’s boutique and let us plan your outfits! Don’t bother with figuring out exactly what to wear, and while you’re busy mapping out your routes, let US pack for you!

Shop online or in-store now at the most trendy boutique around. Feeling super adventurous? Click on any of the links below that will take you to even more road trip must-sees!

Take 15% off your entire order with promo code: TRAVEL15

Horseback riding | Hiking | Biking  | Paddle-boarding | and more!


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Walk This Way: We’re California Dreamin’ About the 70’s Vibe

Have you ever been sitting in the car on a long road trip and one of the ‘rents starts blaring and singing to Queen’s
Bohemian Rhapsody? Your first instinct was to melt into the seat  from embarrassment and hide your face from passers by who had the capability to see in your windows and experience the absolute terror. Try as you might, [bad teen angst attitude and all] you couldn’t help but want to sing along, eventually giving in to the 1975 hit and enjoying every second of it.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Shop the above looks here

Thankfully, for your own enjoyment and ours, we’ve put together a playlist of our favorite go-to 70s songs to crank up and enjoy. Find it here

that 70's playlist

The 1970s were full of irresistible charm. Generation X had it going on —  with every intention of expressing it.

Because the people of Generation X were born after the Western Post-WWII baby boom, they are described as “a generation whose worldview is based on change, on the need to combat corruption, a generation in search of human dignity and individual freedom, the need for stability, love, tolerance, and human rights for all.”

Sound a little familiar?

Today, we exist in an era flooded with over-stimulation, materialism and extreme activists. So it’s no wonder that our mentalities have circled right back around to the 70s, mimicking that classic decade of style whose purpose served to encourage individuality, creativity and uniqueness… with a hint of rebellion [insert involuntary rock-on hand symbol].Mr Blue Sky Blouse clickable

Before clicking the link that brought you here, there’s a strong chance you were casually scrolling through some kind of news feed on your iPhone. Then you stumbled across this post and deemed it worthy of your time, because I mean, let’s be honest… we’re all suckers for anything 70s.

From boho influenced iconic rock star Stevie Nicks to timeless and sophisticated Diana Ross, the 1970s is considered the most dynamic and diverse decade known to the fashion world. In the early 70s style, there was a great sense of ease and comfort. Woodstock festival days of peace and hippydom were coming to the end along with the late 60s, but the free flowing and non-restrictive bohemian The Who Graphic Tee clickablevibes carried over to the next decade. By
the middle of the 1970s, blue jeans became everyday wear, and tshirts were no longer considered underwear but were made in elaborate designs that showcased popular slogans, rock bands and sports teams. Around the same time, the loose, breezy, and flowy shirts of the early 1970s gave way to fitted tops.

Suede, fringe, tassels, crochet, lace and macrame, graphic tees, high waisted pants, embroidered tops, peasant blouses, platform shoes and wide-brimmed hats — these are a few of our favorite things here at The Loft, and fortunately they go hand in hand with everything 70s. The easy to wear, footloose and fancy, free style from several decaCali Clog Clickabledes ago is back, AND we’re loving every second of it.

Boho-chic, hippy, ethnic, folky, glam rock, punk, gypsy, free spirited, authentic…

We seriously can’t get enough.

Whether you’re driving to the local diner with your friends, jamming out to our killer playlist or dancing the weekend away at an up and coming music festival, the Loft Babes at your fave boutique are here to make sure you’re dressed from head to toe in the latest 70s fashion! Check out our boho looks online or in-store! 


Remember, Audrey said it best…

“Life is a party… dress like it!”

Loft on Babes,


**To read more about the 1970s and Generation X, check it out here**

You’re Getting Warmer! The Hunt is Over for this Season’s Must-Haves


Remember when you were little and you were told to wear your Sunday best? The first thought that crossed our minds was never about what shoes would match best or whether or not to wear your hair up to showcase the back of that Easter dress… it had everything to do with how much we despised the ruffled sleeves and the uncomfortable fabric that bothered the back of our legs when we sat down. Thankfully we’ve graduated to light, comfortable and flawlessly simple Spring time must-have clothing.

Spring is our absolute favorite time of year, everything is fresh and new. Your poor legs thank you for showing them the first warm and sunny day since August and Spring cleaning calls for a good closet overhaul! Time to pack up all those heavy sweaters and say hello to short sleeves and clothes cut above the knee! Embrace tossled hair with the windows down and throw on your favorite pair of sunglasses. Spring was made for celebrating!

No matter how grown up or independent we try to be, there will always be the little kid who loves to dye eggs, wake up to Easter baskets and venture through the backyard with cousins hunting for candy filled goodies. We’ve always been excited to spend time with family and to welcome Spring with open arms and now we find ourselves just as excited about what dress to rock in our cute front porch pictures.

The Loft babes went on their own adventure to a charming plantation this past Sunday to snag a whimsy photo shoot. Although it was built within the past thirty years, to keep the plantation as authentic as possible, parts of the home were flown in from all over. Not to mention there were a few adorable accessories to go along with it.


Our furry friend, Bodacious the English Bulldog, was quite the entertainment. Music blaring, warm temps and smiles all around made for an enjoyable day to capture this seasons newest, affordable and most wanted arrivals. Just in time for you to snag them up for Easter!

Whether you plan on spending time with the fam or grabbing brunch downtown with a few close friend,  just pair your perfect find with an open toe wedge and your fav necklace and you’re ready for any Spring time gathering!

easter blog dress white


A personal favorite, the Never Look Back dress [pictured left] in all of its asymmetrical and racer back glory paired with our Maxine Scalloped wedges [pictured left] make for an effortlessly stunning look.





easter blog lilac dress




Another Spring time fav is our Lilac Breeze A-line [pictured right]. Pair with an adorable wool hat and these Nilunda Mule Sandals [pictured right] for a classy and polished look.







Any one of us will admit that when you try on a dress and discover not only that it fits perfectly but that it also has pockets- it’s game over. You’ll be giddy with excitement over our pocketed v-neck Prism and Punch dress [pictured below]. Throw on a pair of shades and a pop of pink and call it a [sunny] day!

prism and punch


From fitted florals dresses to lace up backs and flare sleeves, every simple detail counts this season. Shop online or in store for the most coveted pieces of women’s fashion this spring and take 15% off your purchase with promo code Easter15.

Audrey Hepburn said it best…

“Life is a party, dress like it!” 

Loft on babes,


Valentine’s Outfit


Valentine’s Day is upon us. Do you know what you’re going to wear? If not, don’t worry babes. We have an easy formula for the perfect Valentine’s Date outfit. Here it goes: simple dress, statement necklace, staple shoes… got it?

Below we have paired our olive lace dress paired with one of our favorite Betsy Pittard necklaces and finished off with some nude kitten heels. Now, we’ll show you how to use the same formula to mix things up.


Start with one of your favorite dresses. Stay with something simple, that way you can dress it up or down, making it appropriate no matter where the date goes. Try out our Cupid’s Call Dress; it is comfy, and sure to turn heads.

Next, add a statement piece to accessorize. Any of our Betsy Pittard necklaces are stunners. Adding a bit of sparkle and pizazz to your outfit. After all, it is a special occasion.


Finally, add the perfect shoe to complete the outfit. A simple heel is the way to go.  Our Pierce Mule is a staple and looks great with almost anything.

Shop fall winter boots/booties at The Loft Boutique

Now you’ve got the formula, 2 examples of great outfits, and the perfect place to find it all. What more could you need? We can’t wait to see your Valentine’s Outfit. Don’t forget to tag us using #LoftonMe so we can see and share our favorite ones.  


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